Book #2 – In a Perfect World

book 2

by Laura Kasischke

If I could read only one genre for the rest of my life, without a doubt it would be post-apocalyptic fiction.  I love all kinds of the realistic end of the world scenarios – pandemics, nuclear war, EMP.  Don’t care for the “we all turn into zombie” stuff, but if bird flu is sweeping the globe, I’m in.  My favorite book is Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank.  Although old, his classic novel takes me to a place of preparation, anticipation and survival mode.

There are only so many PA novels written, so when a new one hits the stores, I am excited like a kid at Disney.  Laura Kasischke’s “In a Perfect World” did not disappoint.  In fact, this was a book I read in 2 days because I could not stop.  It was also a unique PA book in that the main character was female.  Typically this is not the case.  Kasischke also managed to write a PA book which doesn’t smack you in the face that you are about to enter the end of the world as we know it.

The story begins with a single career woman meeting Prince Charming, marrying and becoming step-mom to his three kids.  Much of what is covered early in the book is about life: love, romance, resentment, and finding your place in your new world.  Later, both the marriage and the world change in ways the main character, Jiselle, could never have anticipated.

The second half of the book shows a new Mom stepping up and becoming the family leader and protector.  The story moves quickly, the characters are believable, the reason for the change in the world seems plausible.  I am a tough chick and a hard to please reader.   I will stop reading a book which cannot hold my attention.  I hope I am not overbuilding this one, but I cried during the last chapter.

Highly recommend this one.

5/5 Stars


3 thoughts on “Book #2 – In a Perfect World

  1. You should read the Hunger Games trilogy if you like post-apocalypse stuff… I was hooked on those booked I had to know how it ended


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