Book #9 – A Map of the World

by Jane Hamilton Book 9

I finished this book only because I started it and forced myself to keep reading.  I kept hoping there was something in the material that would be worth my time, a payoff in the end.  Nope.  Nada.  Was just so glad to turn to the last page and realize it was over.

The story had potential – testing the endurance of friendship and forgiveness, living with the consequences of an inconsequential moment in time which results in tragedy, the strength of a marriage. Blah blah blah.  I just didn’t like the characters.  It is hard to be concerned about the plot of a book when you could care less if bad things happen to the main characters.  In this case, Alice is the wife/mom/friend who in a moment of carelessness causes a death.  Too quickly she is granted forgiveness by her friend who suffered the loss, yet she can’t forgive herself.  Fast forward to the town finding a way to persecute her for completely unrelated circumstances, time spent in jail, her relationship with those around her, the trial, etc.

I assume as a reader I was supposed to care what happened to Alice, but I disliked her so much I could have been one of the inmates who beats her.  I found myself hoping she would be found guilty just to protect her poor family from her personality.  That is probably not the author’s intent.

Anyway, it counts as one of my 52 books this year whether or not I like it.



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