Book #11 – The Virgin of Small Plains

by Nancy Pickard book 11

Murder mystery set in a small town in Kansas in 2004 and 1987.  I may have had my own built in prejudice by chapter two – I dislike the time jump of then and now, then and now.  Sometimes it is confusing to the point you need to thumb back pages to confirm what year you are now “in”.  On a blizzardy night in 1987 while searching for downed and pregnant cattle, a family runs across the dead body of an unknown girl.  Or is she unknown??  Da da da dum……

Very quickly a new set of evil becomes evident when honorable men in town do dishonorable things.  The real victims in this book are not the dead body, but two characters forced to live apart because of “the danger”.  So melodramatic.  I realized half way in that this book was reminding me of a Harlequin romance novel, a genre I read as a naive teen girl, but have outgrown for many reasons.

Fast forward to our tragic hero returning, only to discover that in his 17 year absence the “unknown” murdered girl has garnered a place of legend as a healer.  Apparently the dead was so grateful to be treated with kindness and given a lovely burial and tombstone, that she grants healing to those who seek her out.  Yeah.

The ending where all the mysterious wrapped up was interesting; it is unfortunate that everything before the ah-ha moment was so boring.

Not a keeper, and cannot recommend.

1.5/5 Stars


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