Book #13 – Son

by Lois Lowry son

After years of waiting, and not even expecting a fourth book, Lois Lowry fans were treated to a fabulous conclusion of “The Giver” series.  I started reading these YA novels when I had young adults living at home!  For those who are unfamiliar with the series, a brief synopsis:

“The Giver” published in 1993 takes place in a utopian society with clean streets, and apparently happy people.  The world works because there isn’t chaos and emotion.  People fill roles needed in society, raise kids if allowed, and everything seems hunky dory.  But, alas, what would be interesting about that?  This book features main character Jonas as he begins his assigned job working for his community.

“Gathering Blue” published 7 years later in 2000 (and fans were happy to finally get another taste!) takes place in the same time period, but different location, and features imperfect Kira and her job as a weaver.

“The Messenger” came out in 2004 and takes place about 8 years after the first book.  What is cool is that a character introduced in Gathering Blue, Matty, is now the featured character and his role as a peacemaker in a place which clearly has no pretense of being utopian.

Finally, 19 years after it began, “Son” the final book was published.  As a longtime fan, just getting to step back into a world I entered as a much younger person, had great sentimentality.  I can’t say “Son” was the best in the series (you can’t beat “The Giver”), but it was really nicely done.  The story starts within the time frame of “The Giver” and we see events from the perspective of a new character, Claire.  This was a nice way to bring us back into the world begun almost two decades earlier.

The story then moves forward showing Claire’s life after the “perfect” world which she left; and concludes in the the future showing what happened to all our favorite friends.  The only downside to recommending “Son” is you really need to read the first three books to fully appreciate this one.  But, hey, I just gave you four books perfect for enjoying this summer at the beach.

5/5 Stars


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