Book #16 – What She Left Behind

by Tracy Bilen WhatSheLeftBehind

Love my young adult fiction which lets me enter a story without having to invest my entire soul and brain.  This YA suspense novel reminded me so of my childhood days of reading Nancy Drew – had Nancy been a little bit “loose” with the Hardy Boys.

Main character Sara comes from a dysfunctional family with an abusive father who, unfortunately, is an ex-police officer.  With that connection to the law, there appear to be no options for the family to escape.  Alas, one chooses escape via suicide which leaves the rest of the family tattered, unsettled and even more the subject of abuse.

This was a no-brainer read, yet the ending was enjoyable and even somewhat unexpected.  It is always nice as a more than middle-aged mom to walk the halls of high school life from a distance.  For a short time, anyway.

I enjoyed the characters, the dialogue was not at all cheesy and there was enough suspense to keep me page turning.

3.5/5 Stars

Now, full disclosure for those who are following my reviews – young adult fiction is about all my brain can handle for the time being.  If you are intrigued, and want to learn why, please check out my “real life” blog:


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