Book #17 – Hunger

by Jackie Morse Kessler  Hunger

What an interesting concept – use of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as the theme for a young adult novel (and, happily, new series).  I found this book while wondering among the library stacks and to be completely honest, liked the cover.  I read only one line of the description and decided to take a chance.  Very glad that I did.

Kessler incorporates modern day youth, a real understanding of high school and dialogue, and brought in the “ancient” idea of the horsemen and their role in society.  What is even more impressive to me, is that I was a third of the way through the novel before I “got” it.  This wasn’t just a book about a young girl becoming Famine and riding around doing famine-like apocalyptic stuff.  This was also a book about the modern day problems faced by too many young girls – anorexia and bulimia.

I don’t like to be preached to when reading a book, and at this point of my life, I am also not really looking for moral lessons.  My time spent between the pages is to escape.  Surprisingly, Kessler presented an important and sensitive subject without being preachy.  She used famine as a way to introduce to the main character the blessings of life, and the importance of embracing what we have versus judging ourselves on impossible and ridiculous criteria.

I really enjoyed this book, and highly recommend.  Very excited to get book two which apparently deals with another teen issue – cutting.

4/5 Stars


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