Book #18 – The Host

by Stephenie Myer TheHostBookCover

That awkward moment when you have to blog about a book HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to you by friends and …….. you hated it.  I am so hoping they are not actual followers of this book blog, because I don’t want to knock a book clearly loved by friends.  But, I cannot lie.  I just don’t get the fascination with this one.

Bottom line, Earth is invaded by a highly evolved civilization which can invade and assume other life forms.  Okay, I’ll accept premises for the sake of fantasy.  The problem is I can’t accept boring for the sake of the author making some money.  I didn’t like the main characters, either host or alien, so I had a hard time rooting for either to be victorious in assuming “ownership” of the body.  I didn’t like the group of humans who friended the alien, didn’t enjoy the romance of dual personalities loving the same man, yada yada yada.

I really tried to enjoy this just because of the personal recommendation, but it failed for me.

Now, one possible reason for my dislike of this book could be the narration.  This was one I listed to from  I have enjoyed the narrator in other books, but her voice didn’t fit the character of a young-ish human with love angst.  I found a clip from internet in case you are a fan of “The Host” and want to listen to a snippet.  If you have read and loved the book, but agree this narrator doesn’t fit and may have influenced my opinion, please feel free to comment.

Clip from “The Host” audiobook



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