Book #19 – Prayers and Lies

by Sherri Wood Emmons            prayers-lies1

I took a trip in a time machine….back to the woods of West Virginia when life was simpler and food was fried.

I loved this book.  Every time I opened its pages, I left this world of mortgage payments and to do lists, and I visited the world my family once occupied.  The backwoods of West Virginia is my heritage.  Stories of coal mines, family run grocery stores, churches filled with the same blood line; this is comfort.  Emmons recreated this world and characters who are believable and lovely, as well as flawed and damaged.

The story takes place in the 1970s and revolves around cousins who we meet when they are very young.  This is the story about bonding as sisters even when not, growing up in different ways, families who share great intimacies and life which smacks them in the face when deep secrets are revealed.  It is not a carefree book in the sense you won’t be affected.  Depending on your own baggage, there may be parts which are difficult to read; but life is that way, isn’t it?  There are parts which are just very hard.

The only disappointing thing about Emmons book was once finished I didn’t have another of her books to immediately begin reading.  This is a first time author who will be on my list to watch.

5/5 Stars


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