Book #23 – deep down true

by Juliette Fay Fay

Some of my blog readers may know I am dealing with some brain damage and while it repairs, I am finding reading difficult. I can last about 15 minutes at a stretch, versus the girl who used to be able to read an entire book in a day. It was so nice to open up “deep down true” and feel like my old self. This one reads easily and joyously. It is not a textbook, you won’t put it down having felt virtuous for the time spent, but it was a vacation for me from not feeling well.

Fay created a world where a strong, recently single Mom juggles a life she didn’t plan. She deals with her young children, a wayward niece who seeks refuge, an ex with a younger model, money issues and entering the workforce after years of being a stay at home.

I enjoyed the characters, very easy to like (or hate as the author intended). The dialogue and plots seemed believable, and I appreciated the strength of the main character. Probably since I am facing my own battles, it was encouraging to see someone in an unplanned situation come out better and stronger.

Part of the plot also centers around adult sisters who are now left without parents, but continue to carry childhood baggage. One particular piece of dialogue struck me:

“Know what I thought of the other day? Mom adding water to things. Empty tomato-sauce jars, shampoo containers – remember that? She hated to leave anything in the bottle. There was always something left, she said, even when it seemed like there was nothing. She could wash pots for days on those last diluted drops of dish soap.”

I’m feeling particularly sentimental about a life without health issues, and this line made me think that at times when I feel like there is nothing left in me, perhaps I just need to rehydrate and make the most of whatever diluted Sue is left.

4.5/5 Stars

In case you care to read about the real-life saga of Sue, here is a link to my other blog:




4 thoughts on “Book #23 – deep down true

  1. Sue, thank you for this lovely review. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, especially if it could give you a distraction for this difficult time you’re dealing with. I’m so sorry this is happening to you, and hope it resolves soon.


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