We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post…..

…..for a request to our readers.                                                                          doug

Friends are making a movie which happens to be my favorite book genre, post apocalyptic.  We are trying to move them “up the charts” on this fundraising page so they will be at the top of the films category and reach more investors.  How can you help?  So glad you asked.

Just visit the link.  Sounds too good to be true, but it is.  Just by visiting this link the website sees activity and our group moves closer to the top.  Yesterday we were on page 15, today 11, tomorrow……fingers crossed, page 1.

While you are on the page, feel free to look around.  The group has done some amazing work, including a film which was chosen for screening at the Cannes Film Festival last month.


I know we all love reading – the adventure, the characters, the chance to feel immersed in another world for a while.  Here is your chance to have some real life excitement and help get this film made.

Thanks for your time – and feel free to reblog and share.  The more the merrier.

Oh, and to be consistent with my normal posts:  I rate this film a 5/5 stars!



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