Book #25 – Quaker Summer

by Lisa Samson   Book

If you don’t like a Woman of Faith Novel of the Year, are you a bad person? I REALLY wanted to like this one.  As I sit every day waiting for my body and mind to heal, I thought filling my time with this highly recommended Christian fiction would make me feel at peace.  Mostly, it just irritated me.

The premise is a woman of wealth in a loving marriage with a devoted husband who has every physical want or desire yet feels unfulfilled.  At the beginning of the book, main character Heather is shown as a person I would never care to hang out with as a girlfriend.  She is incapable of not being a consumer of things.  She wants, so she spends.  Yes, I get the point was to show the inner need not being met by acting as a Christian and looking outward for our role, but to me, she was so unlikable the book failed.

Through a series of events which were not believable, she ends up realizing the importance of serving others instead of acquiring things.  Geez, I didn’t see that plot twist coming.

Besides the plot and characters, the other issue I had with this book, my first by Lisa Samson, was the actual writing style.  I couldn’t keep track.  She jumps from thought to thought to new scene, divided on the page by a line.  I began to dread those lines because I knew it was an impending change for the reader, and on two facing pages, it was not unusual to have two lines to break up the thoughts.

It was like being seated at a long dinner table of loud women and trying to participate in three simultaneous discussions.  It made my head hurt.

I still like Jesus, nay, I love Jesus, but not planning to pick up any more recommendations by Women of Faith.



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