Book #26 – summer rental

by Mary Kay Andrews                  Book

Three books reviewed this week.  This may seem like too much for you, but for me I am jumping up and down.  As my brain is recovering, one of the worst symptoms I dealt with early on was inability to focus for more than a few minutes.   As a lifelong reader and lover of books, this hit me hard.  Following a plot, and even just “getting” the words on the page was extremely difficult.  I realized a week ago that symptom seems to have lifted.  There are no guarantees in benzodiazepine hell, but I have taken advantage of the ability to read while I can.

Of course, my plot focus has shifted and I’m still limited to beach reads, or chick lit, but when you have thirsted for words, anything has value.  This is my first book by Andrews and she managed to time travel me back to my many, many summer rentals along the Jersey shore.  For you older blog readers, check out the cover photo.  Do you remember those chairs with the intertwined mesh?  That is all we had when I was growing up, but I haven’t seen that style in ages.  It sets the tone perfectly for time spent at the shore, where life is about fitting in mini golf and bar trips between laying out for hours.

Set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the story centers around 3 lifelong friends who realized funerals were the only reason they saw each other as they entered their 30s and lived in distant cities.  Love the Outer Banks so it was nice to be there in the story; again wish I had the lifelong friendships and indestructible bonds many of these chick lit books seem to feature.  Facebook provides a connection to my youth, but real life companionship is lacking.

This was a very typical, yet enjoyable, romp among friends.  On the surface each woman appears to be happy and living life to its fullest for them, yet a month spent in a beach shack with lots of time for talking revealed that nothing is as it seems on the surface.  There is the handsome young beach boy toy who, of course, sweeps the single lady off her feet.  The “romance/lust” was fine but got too dramatic-y too quickly.

If you are a woman reading this post, you will probably be able to relate to my favorite scene in the book where Ellis is preparing for her first date with Ty.  She chose an outfit the others didn’t like.  Next thing you know, each woman is contributing to a new ensemble.  Like giddy teenagers, they ran to find the perfect things to make over their friend.  This took me back to life in the college dorm where tons of girls loaned out clothing to dress us for our dates.  The result for Ellis was another memory for me:

“She opened the screen door and stepped onto the porch, giving him a shy smile….”You’re beautiful”, he blurted……Ellis blushed.  “Julia and Dorie double-teamed me…I feel sorta like Cinderella.  This is all borrowed finery.”

This one is a perfect beach read.

3.5/5 Stars

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2 thoughts on “Book #26 – summer rental

  1. Even with one hand tied behind your back, so to speak, you are beating me into the dirt in terms of number of books read! 🙂 How do you do it seriously? Do you speed read?


    • Well, you have a life Alex and I currently have a bed and the only thing I do – heal a little bit each day. Your amazing friends, Doran/Jeremy/Trevor, have picked up the slack and I have very little to do besides rest and recover.


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