Book #28 – The Office of Mercy

by Ariel Djanikian book

That moment when just a few chapters in you realize you are not reading the book, but living in the book – ahhhh.  I love that feeling.  Lately I have found this to be a rare experience, but new author Ariel Djanikian has crafted a novel which transports the reader into another world.

Dystopian fiction is suddenly the new favorite genre of many, but my love of this type of fiction goes back to junior high in the late 70s when I was introduced to “This Perfect Day”, “Brave New World”,  and “1984”.  I have continued to seek out these types of books, and am so happy to be able to add this one to my list of favorites.  I enjoyed it so much, even before finishing the novel, I purchased the audio version to listen to and experience the book being read to me.  Yes, that’s how much I loved this book.

“Office” is set in the future in a world created by our ancestors who have survived an apocalyptic-like event.  Their new society is clean, safe, comfortable, and protected from the still dangerous outside world.  The founders created a code of ethics by which to live, and at first glance, it seems perfectly reasonable.  Ah, but once the reader understands the extremes to which this government goes in order to fulfill what it sees as its duties, the reader must question his own ethics.  This novel provokes self examination.

So excited to see what Djanikian writes next.

5/5 Stars


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