Book #30 – he’s GONE

by Deb Caletti  book

Another book both liked and disliked.  The author knows how to speak to a reader.  The first few chapters, especially, as I listened to the narrator’s voice, I thought to myself that I could have written this.  Not because I am an amateur, but because in my own head I narrate my life using the same words and thought processes as this main character.  I was very comfortable with Dani right away.

The story begins with Dani talking about her secret thoughts, her view of life.  Immediately I saw myself in her shoes, which as a reader makes the character even more believable.

“…before I traveled, I did wipe up spilled stuff in my microwave and remove that big slab of fluff from the dryer vent that wasn’t supposed to be in the dryer vent.  I made sure my house was clean.  Tidying up my domestic crimes so no one would find out that I made messes and couldn’t keep my appliances under control, which is probably some version of the wear-your-clean-underwear-in-case-of-an-accident game.”

That is me!  My kids get so irritated that in addition to packing for vacations, I am vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the house.  I have always held a secret fear that in the case of my unexpected death, my girlfriends would enter my “normal” home and judge me.

This is a story of two middle aged people with grown children who “found each other” while they were both married to other people.  Going back and forth from the initial mystery of where is her husband now, Dani tells the story of their courtship, their destruction of their former lives, the rejection felt from old friends and children, and the realization that fairy tale endings don’t happen.  The other ultimate irony which seems expected, “if he’ll cheat with me, won’t he cheat on me?”

Once I realized how much of the book focused on the breakup of two families to make a new family, I lost interest in Dani.  Long time readers know a bit about me, but as a daughter to a thrice-divorced woman, I am solidly in the ranks of injured children.  Instead of oohing and aahing at the true love they each (thought) they’d finally found, all I could feel was sadness for what ended up destroyed.

And this topic upset me.  I have now promised my husband to be more careful in book selections.  I am already dealing with my recovery from brain damage, and he really, really wants me to read more uplifting material 😉

3/5 Stars

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2 thoughts on “Book #30 – he’s GONE

  1. Sounds like Blue Valentine – I went to the movies expecting to watch an indie romance and got a horrible film about a break up. 😦 I hope your next pick turns out to be more uplifting and far less upsetting. Perhaps try something by Sarah Addison Allen?


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