Book #36 – The Compound

by S.A. Bodeen book

I loved this post apocalyptic fiction book very, very much.  Imagine Bill Gates x10 with money and the knowledge that the world is about to end.  He creates an underground compound for he and his family and we get to see how they live and survive in the apocalypse.  But, unlike all those doom and gloom apocalypse predictions, these people live waaayyyy better than most of us live now.


I am all about NOT spoiling a book by telling you too much.  I really dislike those book reviews that read like grade school book reports spelling out exactly what happens and why.  So, sadly, to avoid being a big mouth, I now have to stop writing.

But you should go get this book if you are a PA fan and also enjoy YA books.  And if you don’t know what those letters mean, you can always just watch television.

5/5 Stars


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