Book #38 – The Maze Runner

by James Dashner blog

I came late to this party of Dashner books, but the benefit of that is the sequels are already written.  Young friends bought and delivered me this book to read – that is high praise.  For teenagers to not only love the material, but purchase it and encourage others to enjoy it, is impressive.  So glad for the gift of a book as well as a new favorite series.  Even before finishing Maze Runner, I downloaded book two for a seamless continuation of the story.

This is a futuristic, dystopian young adult novel set in a world created by unknown people for unknown reasons.  Populating the world are  boys/teenagers who appear at regular intervals, delivered in a mysterious “box” and without memories of themselves or previous lives.  The boys have created their own society, and operate in a system which requires working to maintain their lives, but also to determine a way out of this maze in which they live.  Unlike the chaos which naturally developed in the classic “Lord of the Flies”, this society maintains order and all serve a purpose.

I have enjoyed YA novels for years, and when my own boys were growing up, we frequently listened to them on audiobooks for long car rides.  This ended, however, when they were old enough to realize most YA books feature young girls.  Their vehement protests that they were not interested in teen girls saving the world led us away from fiction and to non-fiction.  Not a terrible thing, but what I liked about Maze Runner is that this was a book young men could read.  Girls can enjoy it as well, but it was just nice to have male characters featured who were not vampires in love.

4.5/5 Stars




One thought on “Book #38 – The Maze Runner

  1. It is nice to see more YA books written from a male perspective enter bookshops. I think this is one reason why books like Alex Woods Versus are being so lauded in the blogosphere: we need more male protagonists! 🙂


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