Returning and grateful

It’s been a long time since my last book review.  Many of you may know I have been ill and recovering from a brain injury.  For a long time I couldn’t manage to read words on a page with any understanding.  I listened to the first chapter of the same audiobook every night as a source of comfort and because words and stories have always been part of my life.  The book was Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank and shutting down my healing body at night with the words of a favorite childhood book helped.

When the ability to read began to return, I read and posted reviews.  Then I realized, despite being able to read, part of me didn’t return right away.  I couldn’t feel.  Authors were investing their hearts into material and characters that I saw but didn’t appreciate.  Any plot line in any book seemed frivolous compared to my own real life struggle.  I decided that it was unfair to read and review given my jaded perspective on pain.

After 18 months of near total bedrest, I am happy to say I am about 95% healed.  I feel again.  Things and people matter.  Life feels beyond your understanding unless you have come so close to losing it.

Thanks for your patience those of you who have stuck around.  I’m happily working on a book now and ENJOYING it.  A review will be posted soon.  In the meantime, please look back at old reviews.  Those with many stars clearly were impressive to a damaged brain.  Any author who managed to make me appreciate his work while I was dealing with my own illness is probably worth you taking a look.


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