by Kenzie Macallan

If you are a book lover, and are willing to roll the dice on new authors, or genres, I highly recommend joining Twitter and spending time in the community of writers who are using that venue to reach out to readers.  I have been introduced to many terrific works which I otherwise would likely have never come across.  I won the book “Riveted” by Kenzie Macallan and if you are a fan of fast-paced adventure/romance novels, you will likely enjoy Macallan’s work.

The highest praise I can give an author, is also one which causes me guilt – speeding through the book.  I imagine these poor, dedicated souls spending night after night, week after week, investing themselves in character and plot development, while I (guiltily) read speedily through the work just to find out what happens next.  That’s how I felt when I began reading “Riveted.”  I just wanted to find out what was the next unexpected twist.  blog

The author included a warning which I will also share with you – this is not a book if you are sensitive to grief or domestic abuse.  I’ve read books which are much more graphic and disturbing, but since the main character, Mara, deals with both issues, this is something to consider when choosing “Riveted.”  For me, the best thing about this book was the healthier relationship Mara shares with her sisters.  As a 51 year old without a strong extended-family dynamic, I was drawn to these successful women.  They support one another unconditionally, and don’t hold back honest advice.  Honestly, in today’s world of relocation for jobs, high stress environments and social media replacing face to face communication, how many of us truly have a real-life tribe that can support us through the worst of times?

Macallan has created two main characters with a lot of potential, but with baggage to be dealt with through the course of the novel.  A chance encounter on a plane, as Mara heads to an island escape with her sisters to deal with a personal tragedy, leads to romance.  While there is the typical “love at first site physical attraction” expected in the romantic genre, the twists of psychological exploration and physical danger make this more interesting than your Mom’s Harlequin stash.  This is what kept me going.  I’m not a cowboy-city girl, rip-off-the-clothes, no plot reader.  The depth behind why each character responded to the other is what made “Riveted” interesting.

“Riveted” is worth a read and as first in the Art of Eros series, you may have just found a whole slew of future reads by author Kenzie Macallan.


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