Who is Santa?

by Stephen Bigalow

Full disclosure – Christmas is my holiday.  I’m the annoying person who decorates waaaayyy before Thanksgiving.  We started putting up our six, yes SIX, Christmas trees on November 1st and I accept my role as weirdo.  When I received a copy of Who Is Santa? I was overjoyed to find a new addition to our family library.  blog2

I have been a private school teacher, worked in Montessori schools, volunteered in children’s church, taught Sunday School and homeschooled my own boys so I have read a lot of books to children over the years.  Not all of them are worth reading twice, yet we all know if a kid likes a story, parents read and re-read and read it again.

Bigalow has penned a lovely book which parents will be happy to read often.  The dialogue is charming, illustrations are beautiful and it is creatively written.  What I really appreciated is that each chapter is manageable – bedtime routine will not go on and on, but you can enjoy this over the nights leading up to the holiday.  blog1

This is also a book which covers many age groups – to be read to for younger tots and older kids can read it themselves and be interested in exactly how the legend that is Santa came to be known.  It isn’t a fluffy book, and would be appreciated by those who enjoy long tales with lots of background.



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